April 2011


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Metro DX Club Officers

President: Jim Mornar, N9TK

Vice-President: Bob Jacobson K9CJ

Secretary: Lee Swanson, WA9LEY 

Treasurer: John Holmes, W9ILY

Webmaster: John Holmes, W9ILY


Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes for 4/15/2011


Treasurers report:  Balance in checking account as of 03/31/2011- $1025.63.  Cash on hand unknown because of absence of our treasurer this meeting.

K9CJ indicated that we still have not secured a permanent meeting place.  If anyone can come up with something, please let K9CJ know.  Beggars is only available on Monday & Wednesday nights for free.  We are getting into a desperate situation.  We are not committed to Friday nights.  If we can find a place to host us on another evening, we will probably take it.

There will not be a meeting in May because our meeting night conflicts with the Dayton Hamvention which many members are going to attend.

K9CJ asked if anyone at the meeting was interested in field day this year and there was no response.  So it looks like Metro will not participate in field day as a club function this year.

N9LAH announced upcoming contests and some scores of members participating in contests recently.

N9ORD talked about the space for Metro DX Club at Dayton that he has acquired.  Just look for the big Metro banner in the flea market area.

W9ILY showed a design prototype for the WAUST award Metro is considering to sponsor.  Suggestions were made on it.  John has done a great job on the design so far.

W9ILY passed out CDs to members who were present at the meeting filled with stuff that would be of interest to DXers.  Thank you, John.

The program was a video showing how CW Skimmer works.

Respectfully submitted,

K9PY (in lieu of W9NKVs absence)


Metro DX Club

3810 N. Chamlin Drive

Morris, IL 60450


To contact us, please email:    w9ty@arrl.net