July 2014


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Metro DX Club Officers

President: Jim Mornar, N9TK

Vice-President: Bob Jacobson K9CJ

Secretary: Lee Swanson, WA9LEY 

Treasurer: John Holmes, W9ILY

Webmaster: John Holmes, W9ILY


Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


July 18, 2014

 The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar, N9TK with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. We were pleased to welcome visitors Joe, KA9QAT and his XYL as well as Cindy, the XYL of N9LAH.

Old Business

 a.)    Health and welfare:

N9TK reported on the passing of long time Metro member Frank, K9BWQ. He also gave an update of K9NUís recent operation. N9LAH updated the club on KE9Iís condition.

b.)    The May minutes are posted on the web site.

c.)    The Treasurerís Report was reviewed by N9TK in the absence of W9ILY. Our complete Treasurerís Report is in the ďfilesĒ section on our Yahoo Group.

d.)   Upcoming contests were discussed by Jim, N9TK

e.)    There were no WUST awards requested or issued since last month.

f.)     Mark, our picnic chairman, made his summary report.

g.)    A report of the Dayton activity was made by N9LAH.


New Business

a.)    Our September meeting will be held one week early, on September 12 in order to avoid a conflict with W9DXCC.

We all enjoyed a refreshment period that was followed by a video presentation of the XZ1J DXpedition to Myanmar.


Attendees:  K9CJ, K9DRS, K9LSH, K9TP, N9LAH and XYL Cindy, N9ORD, N9TK, NV9X, WA9LEY, WG9V and visitors KA9QAT and his XYL.


Submitted by K9CJ, acting Secretary


Metro DX Club

3810 N. Chamlin Drive

Morris, IL 60450


To contact us, please email:    w9ty@arrl.net