Activity Summary 2009



Jerry, WB9Z, claimed a very impressive 2,144 Qs forCQWW-SSB 20 Meter high power for the TOP Claimed 20M score in the USA and #3 in the World! ALSO, in the CQWW-160M contest from 2009, Jerry was #1 SSB high power in the USA and set a new SSB USA single op record. Great going, Jerry!!


Our Special Event Station W9M operated on Saturday, October 3 celebrating our club’s 30TH ANNIVERSARY.

SA-062 Rare IOTA Operation

Mike, K9AJ, operated with a group from Brazil as PW6C from rare IOTA SA-062 in November. The team made 7,500 QSOs and Mike is the QSL manager.

W9TY finished Field Day with 4,264 points with 780 Q’s on CW and 297 on SSB (Third place in Illinois in Class 1A). Check out Dennis KA9ZZT’s great pictures on his own Shutterfly page HERE.

Our annual picnic was held on Saturday, August 15 and all had a fun time.

Mike, K9AJ, with KD6WW, operated as K9AJ/VY0 and KD6WW/VY0 from NA-185 (a rare IOTA) from Friday, July 31 through Monday, August 3 and made over 4,000 QSOs. Click HERE for Mike’s story and unusual picture.     

Jess, AI9L, completed his 20 Meter Worked All States RTTY in July, all confirmed by LoTW! Nice going, Jess! He worked W9ILY/Ø in Nebraska during the NAQP-RTTY contest for #50.