Members’ DXpeditions

Here is Jerry WB9Z with our flag on top of the K1N lighthouse with a beautiful background.

Metro DXers are ON THE GO! Here are some of our activities (With Metro DXers in BOLD PRINT) and DXpeditions:


The team of John/K9EL, Paul/K9NU, Mike/W9MK and Bob/W9AP decided to travel south again to the beautiful St. Martin island as TO9W. They logged over 12,000 QSOs again on 10-160 meters, CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. The newly repaired 160 vertical was really great!


Mike/K9AJ with his friend Nando, IT9YRE, activated a new IOTA entity SA-101 Alejandro Selkirk Island-the most western island of the CE0Z island group, February  3-5 using the call CBØZ. They made about 1,200 QSOs using CW, SSB and FT8. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all other operations were cancelled for the year.


Mike/K9AJ with his buddy Bruce, KD6WW, activated a new IOTA entity NA-250 May 9-12 using the call K7Y. They made over 2,700 QSOs using CW, SSB and FT8.  

Jim/N9TK visited Scotland during May and was a guest operator at a local Scottish QTH. He had a great signal in the USA!

John/K9EL, Paul/K9NU, John/W9ILY and Gary/N9AOL again operated from the beautiful St. Martin island as TO9W. They logged over 12,000 QSOs on 12-160 meters, CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. 


Jerry/WB9Z and Jim/N9TK were members of the Bouvet Island DXpedition attempted in January. Due to bad weather and mechanical problems the DXpedition was cancelled. Maybe a later time? 

Mike/K9AJ and his pediatrician buddy KD6WW activated a very rare IOTA island NA-207 Farfad Island in for five days in July. The last activation of this IOTA was 18 years ago! They made 3,436 QSOs on CW & SSB, and 337 on FT8.  

John/K9EL, Paul/K9NU, John/W9ILY and Mike/W9MK again visited Saint Martin for sun, fine French cuisine and, of course, lots of DX. DXers worldwide were again happy they made the trip. Operations included CW, SSB, RTTY and the newest mode FT8. 


Mike/K9AJ was a member of the HUGE DXpedition team that activated South Georgia and South Sandwich islands as VP8SFI/VP8STI in January. VP8STI logged over 54,000 QSOs and VP8STI approximately 80,000! Amazing!

Mike/K9AJ and his pediatrician buddy KD6WW activated a very rare IOTA island NA-159 in the Belcher Islands chain for one day in August. They had a successful trip.

John/K9EL, Paul/K9NU, John/W9ILY and Jim/N9TK traveled to Saint Martin again for a week following Thanksgiving. THey had fun and made a LOT of DXers happy! 


Jerry/WB9Z was part of a huge 14-operator team that activated the very rare Navassa Island as K1N in February. They logged over 140,000 QSOs! Jerry was with the final group leaving the island. CLICK HERE for their story

METRO was present at the great K1N operation, voted as the "DXpedition of the Year" for 2015.

Mike/K9AJ was part of a three-person team activating new IOTA OC-296 as T88XX, The team made about 3,550 QSOs.

John/K9EL, Paul/K9NU, John/W9ILY and Guy/VE2BWL ventured to Saint Martin for the CQWW-SSB contest operating as TO1E. Over 3,600 Qs were made during the contest with many more both before and after. 


Jerry/WB9Z was part of a large team that activated Amsterdam Island as FT5ZM in January and February. Val, NV9L, was the chief pilot for the DXpedition. They made almost 165,000 QSOs! Really amazing!

Bill/N2WB was part of a team activating NA-122 as HI2DX in November.


Mike/K9AJ with IT9YRE operated from a new IOTA OC-285 in early June. In only three days, here were the great results: H44S(SSB):2,896 + H44AJ(CW):2,919 = 5,815 QSOs.

Jerry/WB9Z, and Jim/N9TK, were part of a large team that activated Wake Island K9W as a memorial to the "Forgotten 98".They put over 100,000 QSOs in the log from 186 discrete DXCC entities. Val, NV9L, was a pilot for the DXpedition. Click HERE for a photo of Jerry and Jim at K9W.


Jerry/WB9Z was with a very large team operating HKØNA from Malpelo Island Jan. 21 - Feb.4. Are you in the log? They made over 190,000 QSOs!!  

Carl/K9CS, operated from Barbados as 8P9CS and was a part of the 8P5Y team in the ARRL Intl CW contest.

Carl/K9CS and Jerry/WB9Z were team members on the huge Swains Island NH8S DXpedition.

John/K9EL operated as K9EL/V E2 on October 4th.


Jerry/WB9Z was with a large team activating South Orkney Island as VP8ORK. They made 63,643 QSO's.

Bill/N2WB operated with a large team from Cameroon as TJ9PF. They made 67,611 including over 17,000 on RTTY.

Phil/W9IXX operated with a large team from Kanton Island in Central Kiribati as T31A and made over 21,000 QSOs.

Bill/N2WB operated from Honduras as HR5/N2WB for 15 days.

Tom/W9AEB along with W9DR and K9UK operated from Antigua (NA100) June 14-28. Tom's call was V25TP.

Mike/K9AJ along with K6VVA operated from the high Arctic. Here is his story: From July 22-25, 2011, I operated w/ K6VVA from Point Lay Barrier Island, Alaska. This is several hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle & part of what is known as the North Slope region of Alaska. Using the call sign K6VVA/KL7, we made 3,860 QSOs in about 60 hours of operation from an all time new IOTA counter (NA-242). We had to hire a couple of armed guards to watch for bears but, fortunately, they were elsewhere on the island finishing off whale carcasses from the annual Eskimo hunt conducted several weeks before our operation.

Bill, N2WB, operated from ET3AA Dec. 8-12. It was an educational trip for the local ET hams.


Mike/K9AJ with a team of three others activated four very rare IOTA islands in the Line Islands group in the Pacific this Spring. They activated OC279, OC280, OC281 and OC282.

Carl/K9CS, operated from Montserrat as VP2MSC and participated in CQWW-CW and ARRL 160 contests.


Bill/N2WB and a large team operated TS7C from Tunisia in January 10-18 and made more than 57,000 QSOs.

Jerry/WB9Z and a large team operated K5D from Desecheo Island February 12-26 and completed 115,787 QSOs. Click HERE for the full Metro DX story!

Carl/K9CS, operated from St. John, USVI, as KP2/K9CS and was part of the NP2SH team for the CQWPX-CW contest.

Mike/K9AJ and KD6WW operated from NA-185 in Hudson Bay July 31-Aug 2 and made over 4,000 QSOs. Click HERE for Mike's story and unusual photo.

Mike/K9AJ with a Brazilian team operated from SA-062 off the coast of Brazil Nov. 11-16 as PW6C. 2008

Bill/N2WB and a large team operated J5C from Guinea-Bissau Jan. 11-21 and made 61,939 QSOs.

Bill/N2WB and a large team operated TX5C from Clipperton Mar. 9-15. They made 71,794 QSOs.

Mike/K9AJ traveled to Rockall Island, EU-189, but was unable operate due to high seas.


Bill/N2WB, was a member of the XT2C team January 6-20, completing 56,287 QSOs. See the January edition of QST, page 86. Check out their WEB page here.

Mike/K9AJ operated from Micronesia (V6) April 2-19. The WEB site is

Mike/K9AJ was part of the HUGE BS7H team operating from Scarborough Reef.

John/W9ILY operated from North Dakota in the NAQP-RTTY contest for team Metro Muttz.

John/W9ILY & Bob/K9MDO operated from Miquelon (FP) September 12-17. 2,705 Q’s were made.

Zig/KM9M and 6 others operated V26B in CQWW-SSB for 12,502 Qs for #1 M/M World!

Carl/K9CS, operated from Montserrat as VP2MSC and participated in CQWW-CW and ARRL 160 contests.


Mike/K9AJ and Bruce/KD6WW operated from NA-178, the Farallon Islands, in February.

Carl/K9CS, operated from Montserrat as VP2MSC and was part of the VP2MVX team for the ARRL Intl CW contest.

Bill/N2WB, operated from CE0Z, from Argentina (LU), South Shetlands (CE9) and as XR9A/8, XR9A, XR9A/MM and was a member of the huge 3Y0X team. 86,888 QSOs were made!

Mike/K9AJ and Bruce/KD6WW operated from Nunavut (NA-195 and NA-156), July 19-26th.

Dave/WG9J and Tom/W9AEB with 4 others operated from Aruba (P40Z). They made 4400+ QSOs.


Tom/W9AEB, operated again from the Vatican (HV).

Bob/K9MDO with his XYL Karen/WB9YBL operated from St. Lucia (J6) in May.

Phil/N9LAH  and Jerry KE9I, operated again from Aruba (P4).

Jim/N9TK operated as KH8/N9TK from Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Jim/N9TK operated as KH8SI Swain's Island... the first one that counted only as an IOTA!

Mike/K9AJ and Bruce/KD6WW operated from NA-228 in Nicaragua (YN) as H79W/YN4.

Mike/K9AJ operated again from Arctic areas as K9AJ/VY0 from NA-175 & NA-227.

Bill/N2WB, operated from Chile (CE8), from Argentina (LU), from DL, from Liechtenstein ( HB0),

John/K9EL operated as FS/K9EL multiple times from beautiful St. Martin from Feb. 2005 through December 2018.


Bob/K9MDO with his XYL Karen/WB9YBL operated from Antigua (V25) in January.

John/W9ILY, Bob/K9MDO and Bill/N2WB operated for one week from Bonaire (PJ4).

Tom/W9AEB, operated again from The Vatican (HV).

Phil/N9LAH and Jerry KE9I, operated from Tobago (9Y4).

Bill/N2WB, operated from San Marino as T70A and from Sardinia as IS0/N2WB.

from France (F) and from 4U1ITU at the ITU Headquarters..


Tom/W9AEB, and Bob/WF9V operated from The Vatican as HV5PUL.

Bob/K9MDO with Bill/N2WB, W4WX, K4QD and W9AAZ operated from Haiti (HH4).

Bob/K9MDO with Bill/N2WB and W4WX operated from Montserrat (VP2M) in July.

Bob/K9MDO with his XYL Karen/WB9YBL operated from Antigua (V25) in August.

Bill/N2WB, operated from Antigua as V25WB and from San Andres Island as 5J0X.

Mike/K9AJ, operated from Arctic areas as K9AJ/VY0 from NA-007 & NA-225.


Tom/W9AEB, and Dave/WG9J operated from Guatemala as TG/W9AEB.

Phil/N9LAH and Jerry KE9I, operated from Aruba (P4).

Bob/K9MDO with N1WON and W9AAZ operated from the Dominican Republic (HI9).

Bill/N2WB, operated as ZL2/N2WB and from Chatham Island as ZL7C.

Jim/N9TK operated from VP6DI-15m SSB operator, VP6TK Pitcairn WPX SSB contest and VP6AJ Henderson Island.

Mike/K9AJ, operated from VP6DI, the FIRST Ducie operation, also as VP6AJ from OC-056.


Phil/N9LAH and Jerry KE9I, operated from grid EN67 in Copper Harbor, MI in the VHF/UHF Contest.

Bill/N2WB, operated from Dominica (J7).


Tom/W9AEB, operated from HF0PLO in the Antarctic. The station has since been closed.

Bill/N2WB, operated from Guadeloupe as FG5BG.

Jim/N9TK operated from FO0AAA Clipperton, CW operator.


Bill/N2WB, operated from KG4, J6, 9M6OO (Spratly) and 9M6AAC (E. Malaysia).

John/K9EL operated as VR2/K9EL from 8 to 14 January.


Bill/N2WB, operated from KH9 (Wake) and with Jim/N9TK from WP2Z (St. Croix).

Jim/N9TK, operated along with Bill/N2WB at WP2Z from St .Croix - CQWW SSB.


Bill/N2WB, operated as KG4WB from Guantanamo Bay.

Mike/K9AJ, operated from Heard Island as part of the VK0IR team and as TO0R on Reunion.

John/K9EL operated as K9EL/KH6 April 4-9.


Mike/K9AJ, operated from Grenada as J3A in CQWW-SSB and as J3J from NA-024 & NA-147.


Mike/K9AJ, operated from Howland Island as AH1A. He also operated as T32BJ and T30AJ.

John/K9EL operated as K9EL/6Y5 on March 5th.

John/K9EL operated as K9EL/XE3 from March 10-21.

John/W9ILY operated as C6A/W9ILY October 17-20.


John/K9EL operated as HSØZBB during October.

John/K9EL operated as K9EL/KH6 July 22-26.


John/K9EL operated as HSØE during April and October.

John/K9EL operated as EA6/K9EL May 16-26.

John/K9EL operated as K9EL/XE3.

John/W9ILY operated as C6A/W9ILY November 5--11.


Mike/K9AJ, operated from the Maldives as 8Q7AJ.


Mike/K9AJ, operated from Kingman Reef as K9AJ/KH5K and from Palmyra as WØRLX/KH5.


John/K9EL operated a number of times as K9EL/VS6 during 1988 through 1992.


Mike/K9AJ, operated from Revillagigedo as XF4DX,


Mike/K9AJ, operated from Galapagos as K9AJ/HC8 and then with the HC8X CQWW-SSB team.


Mike/K9AJ, hit the DX trail as 4S7AJG (Sri Lanka), 9N1MM (Nepal-CQWPX-CW) and 8Q7BQ (Maldives).


John/K9EL operated as G5CBW during the year.