Along w/ KD6WW, I operated K9AJ/VY0 from NA-185 in Hudson Bay from July 31-Aug 2, 2009. This was only the second activation of this IOTA counter, the previous operation was in 1993. We had a power supply failure early in the operation so we used one station during most of the time. In approx 46 hours we made over 4,000 QSOs.

I have a neat photo (actually, it will be the photo on the QSL card) showing an arctic fox chewing on the coax of one of our antennas. I was operating on Saturday afternoon and took a break-Bruce was napping. I saw this arctic fox (their fur turns dark during the summer & goes back to white in the winter) walking towards Bruce’s antenna and I called him to come out and check out the fox. So Bruce comes out in his socks and we watch the fox walk over to Bruce’s antenna, stop to check it out and then lunge for the coax and start chewing on it. Bruce yelled he only had his socks on and for me to chase the fox away from his coax. I did-but only after I took this photo! When we got to that spot on the coax, it was only wet w/saliva and had no damage to the cable jacket.