Metro DX Gold Certificate


An attractive Metro DX Gold Certificate is offered to any station confirming contact with TWO (2) members of the Club. SWL OK.

Membership as of February 2022 includes:

AC9EF, AF9H(SK 3/9/14), AI9L, K9ACM, K9AJ, K9BBQ (KA9BBQ prior to 25APR2017), K9BWQ(SK 7/16/14), K9CJ, K9CS, K9DRS, K9EL, K9EU, K9GA, K9LOT, K9LS (N9IHZ prior to 2019), K9LSH (WB9LSH prior to 20MAY2014), K9MDO, K9NB, K9NR, K9NU, K9PMV, K9PY, K9TP, K9ZO, KA9IUC, KA9QAT, KA9ZZT, KB9PKI, KC9EOQ, KE9I(SK 10/15/14), KM9M, N2BJ, N2WB, N9AKR, N9ALC (SK 04APR2017), N9IHZ (now K9LS in 2019), N9LAH, N9ORD, N9TK, N9WK, N9XR, NC9T, NE9A (K9ZAV prior to 1/21/17), NV9L, NV9X, WØLEN, WØXXX, W9AEB, W9AS, W9ILY, W9IXX, W9KXT, W9LIZ, W9LNQ(SK 6/10/14), W9MK, W9NJB(SK 10/16/16), W9NKV, W9OA, W9PDS,  W9TY, W9UM, WA9LEY, WB9FMC, WB9JYZ, WB9Z, WD9HSY, WG9V and WT2P.

Some of our members have their own WEB pages. If their callsign is underlined, simply click on the call to go to their page!

To obtain our Gold Certificate, a log extract showing each callsign contacted including the date, time, band and mode of contact must be submitted. The extract must be certified by two other hams. The cost of the certificate is US$5.00. PayPal to can be used. As an alternate, an electronic certificate may be obtained for US$3.00. Contact for details. The award request, award fee and log extract is to be sent to our club address:


3810 N. Chamlin Dr.

Morris IL 60450


or by email to

Click here for a sample log extract.

For further information and PayPal details, email

A GOLD CERTIFICATE was recently awarded to:

Joe Feminella, KA9QAT

Pierre Jolin, VE2GT

John Raiger, K9DRS

David Martin, W4DSM

Tim Watson, KB1HNZ

Mikhail Melnikov, UA6FY

Klaus Voigt, DL1DTL

Bernard LE NY, SWL F-16527

Nick Zinsstag, HB9DDZ

Lawrence Campi, WA5TRX

Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS

HISASHI MAZSHITA, JF2SKV Click on his call to see our certificate on his WEB site!