February 2021

Metro DX Club February Meeting Minutes 2/19/21

The Metro DX Club’s February meeting was held on 2/19 via ZOOM. Thanks to John K9EL who arranged checking members in.

The meeting was called to order by Metro President Jim N9TK.  Those attending besides Jim were:


HEALTH AND WELFARE  Several members spoke of their 1st or 2nd COVID vaccine shots.


TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports our Club had income of $90 from dues and no expenses for the month. 

DUES  Most members are paid up for 2021. We currently have 51 paid members.

WUST AWARD No activity. 

CLUB DONATIONS  The Club voted to make our 2021 donations to NCDXF, INDXA, and Club Log at $100 each.  John W9ILY reports that we have funds available to donate to upcoming eligible DXpeditions when they are announced.

KING OF THE HILL  There has been a rule change for 2021. A member can only win the King of the Hill once during the year but can still accumulate QSOs throughout the year to win King if the Mountain at the end of the year.  This month’s qualifying event is ARRL DX CW this weekend.  The January winner was Ralph K9ZO with a super score of 739 QSOs during NAQP.  His certificate can be viewed on the Metro website.

CONTESTS  John W9ILY reports that ARRL DX CW is going on now with many members participating.

DX  There has been some good DX stations active lately including T6AA, TZ4AM, 3D2, FK8, JX2.  Lots of FT8 activity.

DX MARATHON John K9EL reports that his team is nearly done compiling Marathon scores.  Results will be published in the coming months.

NEW LOOK METRO WEBSITE  If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look.  Thanks to JohnW9ILY for all his hard work on this and keeping the site updated.  Send your contest results, photos and other items of interest to John.

PROGRAM  There was no formal program this month but as is our custom, each member on the ZOOM call got a chance to report on current activities at their stations.

The meeting was adjourned.

Many stayed on the ZOOM call for some after meeting discussion.

Both John W9ILY and John K9EL are well on their way in Marathon activity having worked nearly 200 countries so far this year.

Steve W9KXT announced the Hamfesters March White Elephant sale coming up on March 5th,  See the Hamfesters website for details.

Paul K9NU talked about W9DXCC.  He is proceeding as if it is going to happen this year.  Planning on setting up a meeting at the venue soon.

We were treated to a slide show of Barry’s new tower installation at N2BJ.  Mike W9MK took a bunch of great pictures.  The big signal at N2BJ is back!

For those unable to attend the ZOOM meeting, please watch John K9EL’s recording.  http://www.k9el.com/MetroDX/Meetings.htm

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY

Metro Secy.