August 2020

Our August ZOOM meeting was graciously recorded by K9EL. Here is the link to that recording:

Metro DX Club August Meeting Minutes 8/21/20

The Metro DX Club’s August meeting was held on 8/21 via ZOOM. Thanks to John K9EL who arranged checking members in.

The meeting was called to order by Metro President Jim N9TK. Those attending besides Jim were:


TREASURER’S REPORT John W9ILY reports one expense for the month. Our club donated $150 to the Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure for 2021.

KING OF THE HILL John W9ILY announced that Jerry WB9Z was our latest KING OF THE HILL winner making 1190 QSOs in NAQP SSB. Congrats to Jerry! A member can win once per quarter. The end of year KING OF THE MOUNTAIN will be awarded to the member who has compiled the most points for the year. You can find your place in the standings on the Metro website.

CONTESTS John W9ILY reported on our club/member contest results. — N9AKR in ARRL Jan VHF was top SO HP op in Central Division. — 2020 NAQP RTTY 6 members entered. — CQ DX MARATHON Metro had 5 members listed in the first column of results in CQ magazine. — 2020 WPX RTTY Metro was #22 of 31 clubs listed in the results. — W9ILY was high scorer as a 20 meter assisted entry. Congrats to John. — Members also competed in NAQP JAN SSB.

WUST No new awards to report.

NIDXA MEETING Mike W9MK reports that Metro members will be invited to the next NIDXA ZOOM meeting on September 11th. A special program will be presented by Adrian KO8SCA on his operation from Bhutan. The word is that there may be gift certificates as prizes.

POSSIBLE NEW MODES John K9EL reported that K1JT is working on a new mode calling it FST4. It’s much slower than the current FT modes but can detect signals down to -45. More to come on this. Also reported that the IARU is working on a new band plan for digital modes.

RECENT STORM DAMAGE Several members reported significant damage with the recent storms. Wind damage and lengthy power outages were suffered by many.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Each member got a chance to talk about their recent activities. Some are working on antenna and rotator issues, some have worked a few new counters for the DX Marathon, others have conducted VE sessions, there was a report of some needed QSLs coming through, and reports of lots of DX being worked early mornings on FT8.

After some additional discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY