2022 Field Day

Field Day is in the rear view mirror and your Metro DX Club had fun and put W9TY on the air! The club finished with 1,196 QSOs and a score of 4,784 in Class 2E, home station with emergency power, plus bonus points. Not a bad showing! Thanks to our host Jim, N9TK, for a great, comfortable location and LOTS of delicious food. There certainly was enough for all! Thanks to George W9GJY for the use of his Honda generator that performed perfectly and quietly. Thanks to our club members N9TK, WA9LEY, K9CJ, NE9A, K9GA, W9ILY and KD9NYP who joined together to make this a successful event. Lee took several photos of the operation that are posted below.

We found 6 meters to be quite a disappointment this year. Here is the score breakdown:

ARRL Section : IL


Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts

   3.5      CW      65         130 

       7      CW     392       784

      14     CW     529     1058

       21    CW     178       356

       21    FT8      1               2    

       50    FT8     31            62

        Total     1,196    2,392  

            Score : 4,784

Bonus points: 350

Total score: 5,134