2019 Field Day


On June 22nd, Metro DX Club members gathered at 9am for the Club’s 2019 Field Day event set-up. Our FD chairman Bob K9CJ had all the miscellaneous required items ready to go. First, a big thank you to Jim N9TK for volunteering his work place in Alsip for this year’s site after our Tinley location became unavailable. It worked out great. There was a lot of open area and tall trees for antennas. We had a covered port for the generator that Jerry K9LOT loaned to us. Our operating positions were inside using air conditioned office space. We decided to enter as 2A again this year with an additional VHF station. This year, our antennas were a double extended Zepp and a multiband vertical on HF and K9LSH’s homebrew six meter rotatable dipole on a push up mast. We also strung out a 500 foot beverage receive antenna. Inside, we used 2 K3’s for HF and a Flex on VHF. John W9ILY had the laptops set up and networked. All were installed in plenty of time for the 1pm start. Jerry K9PY provided the food for lunch. We had a pizza party for dinner.

Our HF stations were manned throughout the event. A big thanks to our overnight operators who kept things going. Unlike previous years, almost all the 6 meter contacts were on FT8 this time around. 6 meter openings were not as plentiful as in the past. It seemed like HF activity picked up as time went on and Sunday provided some pretty good runs.

We would like to thank those operators who kept us on the air, those who provided the equipment and antennas and those that showed up to help with set-up and take down.

It was a fun event!

W9TY 2019 Field Day 2A Illinois

1,308 QSOs

Attendees: N9TK, W9ILY, K9CJ, WA9LEY, K9PY, NE9A, K9LSH, K9GA, K9LS, WB9JYZ, KM9M, NV9X, K9MDO.