Contesting Activity by members

METRO DXers are busy all year and are very active in Contests. Here are a few of the contests in which our members operated and their QSO totals in brackets (), if known.

How are YOU doing? Are you calling CQ a lot or S&P? You can tell right here how the RBN reports your CQing for the past 12 months! Here's the info for N9TK. You can find you own stats by clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom and inserting your (or anybody else's) call in the blank box!

"Is this contest a Club Contest?"

What contests are currently scheduled? CLICK HERE for the calendar

What does your signal sound line from the DX end? Here is a link to many contest recordings. Anyone who wishes to do so can look up recordings of contest QSOs they have made at  Most but not all are CW, and not all are useful, but it is interesting to hear yourself from the other end.  Search is by the recorded station callsign. and returns a list of stations that have recorded you over the last several years.  Click on a given recording station, and you're given a list of your recordings by that station, by date and contest name.  You can play therm individually.  There is a surprising number.