November 2019

Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Jim N9TK with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. In attendance, besides Jim were Bob K9CJ, John K9DRS, Jerry K9PY, Matt K9BBQ, Kurt WB9FMC, Mel NE9A, Mike K9LSH, John W9ILY, Lee WA9LEY

HEALTH AND WELFARE Susan K9XYL suffered a fall and was hospitalized for a couple of days. She is now recuperating at home.


The MINUTES of the June meeting were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT John W9ILY reports the Club had no expenses for the month. He reports income of $200 which is a reimbursement from the donation the Club made to the Bouvet DXpedition. John distributes a detailed Treasurers report at each meeting which is later filed on our site.

WUST No recent awards

CONTESTS SSB Sweepstakes is on for this weekend. Talked about the VY1AAA station in the Yukon reportedly being dismantled soon. It has been a reliable YT multiplier. The following weekend is CQWW CW DX contest. It is hoped that many members will get on and make some contacts. It’s a great time to have some fun picking up new countries, band countries and if you like, try to be compete to win your category. It’s also great for adding countries to your CQ DX Marathon totals and Metro Marathon totals before the end of the year. Be sure to report your contest scores to John W9ILY so they can be posted on the Metro website. Be sure to upload your scores to too.

CLUB LOG We are reminded to upload our complete logs in ADIF form periodically, at least once per year, to stay active on their site. Lots of good info on Club Log to check out if you aren’t familiar already.

METRO MARATHON Members are urged to submit their progress to John W9ILY monthly. The results will be announced at Winterfest in January. The rules can be found in previous posts. 7 members have submitted entries so far.

CQ DX MARATHON CQWW DX CW contest is coming up and may be one of the last times in the year to pick up new countries for the Marathon. Metro member John K9EL runs this program for CQ. It’s a fun activity even for those who have “worked them all”. It’s pretty easy to participate. Just work DX throughout the year and submit your results at the end of the year. Details can be found at

LOCAL REPEATER NC9T 442.025 tone is 100hz, up 5 Mhz. Many members hang out here.


CLUB ELECTIONS After having no one come forward to run, the current Club officers agreed to continue in their posts for another year. President Jim N9TK, Vice President Bob K9CJ, Treasurer John W9ILY, Secretary Lee WA9LEY.

DUES John W9ILY is now accepting 2020 Club dues. Dues of $15 can be paid in person at a Club meeting or sent via PayPal to W9TY. Make sure you submit using the family and friends option to avoid charges to the Club. Can also pay by check to W9TY at Club address.

DONATION We talked about and then voted to use the $200 refund from the Bouvet DXpedition to make equal donations to Club Log and the Dave Kalter Youth Foundation.

BRIDGE TEEN CENTER Several Metro members were able to tour the Bridge Teen Center in Orland Park and discuss the possibility to offer a presentation of Ham Radio to their group. The date was set for Feb 13th and we are now putting together program ideas including having ham stations set up to make live contacts. More details on this to come.

METRO PICNIC and W9C SPECIAL EVENT We are combining our picnic next year with a special event operation. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of a major train derailment in Crescent City. If you Google Crescent City Fireball you’ll find details. We will be using the call W9C. Jerry WB9Z and Val NV9L have graciously offered to host the picnic again next year and are allowing us to use their superstation for our special event. More details will follow.

DX There has been lots of DX available to work. Among those active are TX7T, H40TT, VK9CZ. Check the reflectors for up to date info.

WINTERFEST Mark your calendars. Our Winterfest dinner in January is set for Friday, 1/17/20. We will be at Papa Joe’s in Orland Park again this year. Pricing is the same as last year. We are soliciting vendors for door prizes and the Club may purchase a Grand Prize. A separate invitation with all the details will be sent later.

2020 FIELD DAY SITE Our search for a new site is ongoing with nothing firm as yet.

W9CAP Mel NE9A reports that beginning on Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 1200z (6:00 AM Central), the Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol Amateur Radio Club will conduct a Ham Radio Special Event Station (W9CAP) to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Civil Air Patrol performing volunteer missions for America. This is your chance to make contact with those stations across Illinois and receive a special QSL card.

PIZZA PARTY Our December meeting will be a pizza party. Details will be in the December meeting announcement.

The meeting was adjourned for refreshments.

PROGRAM This was our first installment of Metro member’s SHACK TOURS. Lee WA9LEY and John W9ILY presented photos, videos and commentary beginning with their early ham stations leading up to current stations and antennas.

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY