Field Day

Well folks, here’s our results.  Many thanks to all that participated.  We were 7th place for 2E on contest scores online.  Our goal was 1500 qsos and we came really close.  Another 10 minutes would have made it.  But OTOH, Field Day is not a contest, right?

 Band   Mode  QSOs  Pts 

   3.5    CW     181     362     probably could have done better on 80 CW

   3.5    FT4     61      122   

   3.5    FT8      8        16  

   3.5    LSB      9         9        

     7    CW     636     1272   definitely the money band

     7    LSB     25        25   

    14  CW     340      680  

    14  USB      3           3   

    21  CW     162      324   15 was really hot on Sunday morning.  WT2P rate was over 150/hr for a while

    50  FT4      6          12   

    50  FT8     43         86    6 meter guys are patient souls

    50  USB     14        14 

Total  Both  1488    2925   

Score: 5,850

We’ll have some bonus points that will bring us over 6000K.

A fun time was had by all I think ;).  Food was great, air conditioning was great, all the equipment worked well, and nobody got wet.   We had great camaraderie and it was good to get together.  Everyone was respectful of our requirements and hopefully no one brought or left with a virus.

Thanks to those who stayed up all night making q’s.    Thanks to Laura and Brenda for providing us with some great food.  

Thanks to George  W9GJY for loaning his awesome Honda Gensets.  I’ve got to get one of those.  We ran them on propane which was really convenient.  

Many others contributed, thanks!

Jim N9TK

Our host – N9TK at the controls