Winterfest 2014

On the snowy evening of January 17, nineteen Metro DXers along with their “special someone” attended our gala Winterfest dinner. This year, Jim, N9TK, scouted a number of locations for our party and it was decided to have the celebration at the Harvest Room, 127th and Harlem Avenue in Palos Heights. We all enjoyed a very different menu and great attention by the staff to every detail. The restaurant provided a PC and projector so we had a continuous slide show of Metro events throughout our party. We were fortunate to have a large private room and were able to order off the menu so everyone was able to choose his favorite. We had a raffle and several nice prizes were awarded. In addition, we were able to donate $90 to INDEXA from the raffle proceeds. 

In attendance were Mike K9AJ and XYL Sue K9XYL, John W9ILY, Bob K9CJ, George W9OA and XYL MaryAnn, Frank K9BWQ and XYL Delores, John K9DRS and XYL Joan, Mark K9TP and XYL Roxana, Mike WB9LSH and YL Velda, Jim N9TK and YL Laura, Jerry K9PY and XYL Brenda, and Mike W9MK. Everyone had a good time!