October 2022

Metro DX Club OCTOBER 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2022

We had an in person only meeting this month

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. In attendance besides Jim were  W9ILY, K9BBQ, NE9A, K9GA, W9KXT, NV9X, WB9FMC, K9LSH, W9PDS, WT2P, WA9LEY.

NEW MEMBER  Our newest member, Vince W9VEC, was announced.

HEALTH AND WELFARE  No health issues reported.


MINUTES   George K9GA motioned to approve the September minutes, it was seconded by Matt K9BBQ and passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports that the Club had income of $404.88 this month which included dues payments, $147.00 W9C special event receipts(certificate and QSL requests) and a donation from W9GJY.  Also included was a generous donation to our club from Hamfesters which will be included with Metro’s donation to the Dave Kalter Youth Adventure.

A special thank you goes out to Hamfesters Radio Club for their $200.00 donation mentioned above.            

CLUB DUES   2023 dues can be paid now by mail to the Club address on our website or via PayPal.  NOTE: When sending in dues via PayPal, please use friends and family option to avoid a cost to the Club. John reports that our treasury is in good shape. Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our groups.io site.

WUST  No recent activity.

ILQP  15 members participated this year vs 9 last year. John W9ILY is gathering our Club point total as members submit their scores.  Please submit your scores to 3830 scores and show Metro as your club for us to get credit.  We hope we are able to hold on to the ILQP Club Plaque we won last year.


Congratulations to N2BJ who had 553 Qs during JARTS RTTY

WU9D who had 292 Qs in JARTS RTTY


CONTESTS  CQWW SSB coming up at the end of the month and STU PERRY 160 is this weekend.  The ZOMBIE SHUFFLE will be held on OCT 29th. See WA7BNM contest site for details on these and other upcoming events.

DX ON THE BANDS  Lots of DX has been reported. TY0RU and TO2DL  have been very active.

METRO GOLD CERTIFICATE John W9ILY reports that he just received an application from a ham for the Metro Gold Certificate. It’s pretty easy to qualify. Check the Metro site for details.

BOARD MEMBER OPENING  We have an opening for the Club VP position and Patrick W9PDS has expressed his interest. Our board elections are next month for all positions. Members are encouraged to attend.


ILQP was discussed with current setups and future plans.

W9PDS has a 5 band HEX BEAM that he is willing to part with for free if you can pick it up. Send Patrick an email if interested.

W9KXT will be offering some gear for sale to help a friend. Details to follow.

WT2P  it looks like CJ is the high point man so far in Club ILQP results.

W9PDS has moved and getting set up at his new QTH.

WT2P CJ reports he has now achieved DXCC on 80 thru 10.

K9GA gave a report on the 10 meter activity he is hearing lately.

A motion was made by CJ WT2P to close the meeting, seconded by George K9GA and the meeting was adjourned.


We had 2 videos to watch.

#1  Svalbard DXpedition video that can be found on YouTube.

#2 Excerpt from an email that Jim N9TK sent out on the reflector.

We had an in person only meeting last night, the first one in a couple years.  One of our program videos was a comedy piece from an English comedian from the late 1950’s.  His name was Tony Hancock and his program was called Hancock’s Half Hour.  As you might guess its a half hour program, duh.  The show we watched was titled “The Radio Ham”.  It’s a funny piece and the guys seemed to enjoy it with several laughs.  I thought I would pass this on to those that didn’t attend.

Here’s a Vimeo link.  Anthony Hancock The Radio Ham

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY