Picnic 2013

The seventh annual Metro DX Club picnic was held at the QTH of Phil, N9LAH, and his XYL Cindy in Chebanse. The weather was perfect as Phil had ordered and 29 members and guests had a really wonderful time. Thanks to Phil and Cindy for being such gracious hosts and for our members for all of their contributions. Those attending were: Phil N9LAH and XYL Cindy, Mark May K9TP and XYL Roxana, Bob N9ORD and XYL Trudie, Frank K9BWQ and XYL Dolores, Mike K9AJ and Sue K9XYL, Bob K9CJ, Paul K9NU, John W9ILY and XYL Toots, Jim N9TK and Laura, Jerry WB9Z, Carl K9CS and Chris W9LIZ, Don K9NR, Jerry KE9I and Nancy K9NSC, John K9DRS and XYL Joan, Bob K9MDO and Karen WB9YBL, Bob N9AKR and XYL Mia, and Jack W9NJB celebrating his 90th birthday!