Picnic 2010

Our Metro DX Club had another great picnic on August 21 at the home of Jess (AI9L) and Patti (AF9H) Colvin in Braceville. The weather was perfect – warm but not too hot – and the 17 attendees had food and fun. After checking out the antenna farm, members enjoyed burgers (both beef and turkey), hot dogs, fried chicken, salads and lots of great desserts. The bean bag toss game was popular as usual with Bob, N9AKR, finishing as the champ and Jess (AI9L) having the best cheering!

After our meal, Mike, K9AJ, presented two fine video programs of his recent IOTA travels. The first was an adventure-filled trip to SA-062 off the coast of Brazil in November, 2009 operating as PW6C. The second was a video summary of his four-week marathon trip this past spring to the Line Islands.

He and three others operated as T32MI from Malden, OC279; as T32CI from Caroline (Millennium) OC281; as T32VI from Flint OC282 and as T32SI from Starbuck OC280. All of the team members operated as T32AJ from Christmas Island both before and after their adventure. Mike described the trip as “the holy grail” for IOTA chasers. Thanks, Mike.

Here are the members and guests who enjoyed the doings: Jess (AI9L) and Patti (AF9H) our hosts; John W9ILY and XYL Toots; Phil N9LAH and XYL Cindy; Frank K9BWQ and XYL Delores; Mike K9AJ and Sue K9XYL; Bob N9AKR and XYL Mya; Jim N9TK; Paul K9NU; Jim NV9X; Jerry K9PMV; our newest member Bill K9WJL.