August 2021

NIDXA and Metro DX Club Joint meeting August 13, 2021

On August 13th, NIDXA and Metro DX Club held a joint meeting at the Moran Athletic Club in Joliet. Many in attendance met for a pre-meeting dinner at Heroes West Sports Grille, also in Joliet. There was a good contingent of members from each Club.  We had one guest, K9CT’s XYL Ilean.

Mike W9MK conducted a brief business meeting on behalf of NIDXA.  This was their first in-person meeting since the COVID pandemic began.

Paul K9NU gave an update on the upcoming W9DXCC convention. Lots of prizes have been donated. See the W9DXCC website  to register and for more information.

Jim N9TK conducted a brief business meeting on behalf of Metro DX Club.

–July minutes were approved.

–John W9ILY presented the Treasurers report.  Details can be found on Metro’s site.

–Jim also talked about Metro’s Field Day results.

After some discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

Following the formal meeting, there was lively conversation about the DXCC Honor Roll.  There has some conversation among hams on several forums about the criteria to attain the DXCC Honor Roll. Some DXCC entities have not been activated for many years, some require approval which has not been forthcoming, some are under water and not likely to be activated.  The comments from our group ranged from deleting those that haven’t been activated in many years to leave it the way it is now and other ideas in between.  Also brought up was the idea of using Rig in a Box technology to activate some of the tough ones in the future.

Other DX related topics came up as well.

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