November 2020

Metro DX Club November Meeting Minutes 11/20/20

The Metro DX Club’s November meeting was held on 11/20 via ZOOM. Thanks to John K9EL who arranged checking members in.

The meeting was called to order by Metro President Jim N9TK.  Those attending besides Jim were:



TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports our Club had income of $75 which was 2021 dues received from members. Donations approved last month were paid out to Club Log, INDXA and NCDXF.

DUES  Club dues of $15 for 2021 are being accepted and can be paid via Pay Pal or by check to the address on the Metro website.  If using Pay Pal, use the friends and family option to avoid charges to the Club.

BOARD MEMBER ELECTIONS Our existing board members have agreed to serve an additional term. Having no one else step forward, they were voted in for another year.

WUST AWARD No activity. 

KING OF THE HILL  Our next and final qualifier for the year is Sweepstakes SSB.  A member can win once per quarter.  The end of year KING OF THE MOUNTAIN will be awarded to the member who has compiled the most points for the year. You can find your place in the standings on the Metro website. 

CONTESTS Our 4 member NAQP RTTY team scored #26 of 66 teams.  Our 3 member NAQP SSB team scored #50 of 85 teams.

In the Georgia QSO Party, Metro scored 16th place of 35 clubs entering.

This weekend is ARRL Sweepstakes SSB. For this contest, it was suggested to report your score noting SMC as your club if you are a SMC member.

Next weekend is CQWW CW DX. 

RULE CHANGES FOR THE CQ WW WPX CONTESTS IN 2021 The 2021 CQ WW WPX RTTY, SSB and CW contests will include a new Multi-Transmitter Distributed category. Stations operating in this category may have a maximum of six transmitted signals, one per band at any one time, from stations in different locations. This may be fun for members to try next year.

NEW LOOK WEBSITE  If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look.  Thanks to JohnW9ILY for all his hard work on this and keeping the site updated.  There’s a lot of info there to see. See member contest results, photos and much more.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION  Members took turns updating their recent activities. Many talked about their antenna work and entering upcoming contests. Some talked about their issues with the Covid virus. There was discussion about some of the DX tools available such as the RBN and PSK reporter. 

John K9EL recorded the entire ZOOM meeting so that those unable to attend can listen/watch it.

After some additional discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY

Metro Secy.