January 2022

Metro DX Club January 2022 Meeting Minutes

January 21 ,2022

We continued to meet via ZOOM for the January meeting. Thanks to John K9EL for his help.

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. In attendance, besides Jim were K9EL, W9ILY, N2BJ, W9AP, K9ZO, K9GA, WB9Z, K9DRS, W9PDS, WA9GQK, W9JJB, KC9EOQ, K9DRS, K9LSH, KA9IUC, W9EWZ, K9CJ, WT2P, K9NR, K9GY, KA9QAT, WA9LEY. 

Some of our attendees were guests.       



MINUTES A motion was made by John W9ILY to approve the December minutes. The motion was  seconded and approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports that the Club had income of $240 which was from dues payments.    John reports that the Club had expenses for the month of $226.51 which included a $50 donation to QTH.com, a donation of $101.66  to the Crozet DXpedition and Winterfest refunds.  Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our groups.io site.

John reports that 2 members have yet to pay their dues.

WUST  John W9ILY reports that he has one application in hand and is going through the documentation submitted.


KING OF THE HILL  Bob W9EWZ was the December winner.

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN  Congratulations to Ralph K9ZO for winning the year end King Of The Mountain award and trophy.

ILQP  Metro DX Club was #1 in club competition in the 2021 running of the Illinois QSO Party. The Club will receive the traveling Club Trophy.  Quite a few members participated with some winning personal awards.

NAQP SSB  On this weekend.  John W9ILY will set up teams.  Let him know if you will participate.

CQ 160 CW  On next weekend


WINTERFEST   Our annual event was postponed due to a low turnout and COVID concerns.  As COVID wanes hopefully we can revisit a get together. 

DUES  Dues remain at $15 and can be paid to W9TY via PayPal (use friends and family option) or via check to the Club address on our website.  John W9ILY reports that a couple of members have not yet paid. 

LONG ISLAND CW CLUB  Patrick W9PDS talked about joining this group to improve his CW skills  There is a charge to join but Patrick highly recommends their program. They are up to approx 1500 members and hold ZOOM sessions. Patrick will send a link to our group for those interested.

FIELD DAY  It’s not too early to think about Field Day 2022.  Jim N9TK is open to hosting again this year. 

A motion to close the meeting was made by George K9GA and seconded by KC9EOQ

The meeting was adjourned followed by a round table discussion of members’ current activities.

Jerry and Val are enjoying Florida. His Florida station runs 100 watts to a vertical and is already over 100 countries for the 2022 DX Marathon.

Many others reported their Marathon progress.

Ralph K9ZO spending a lot of time chasing DX on 80 meters.

There has been plenty of DX available to work as the bands improve. George K9GA reports hearing TZ4AM on 12 CW, a 7X3 on 15 CW and ET3AA.

Antenna and tower work has been on some member’s agendas. 

John W9ILY reports that TO9W QSLs are starting to go out.

Here’s the ZOOM recording courtesy of John K9EL.   http://www.k9el.com/MetroDX/Metro-21Jan2022.mp4

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY