2016 Picnic

What a great time 28 Metro members had at our 10th annual picnic at the QTH of Phil, N9LAH and his XYL Cindy. As they have done for the past years, they ordered perfect weather and their request was met with bright sunshine, mild temperatures and gentle breezes! What a nice day. The Metro members who attended this year were Phil N9LAH and XYL Cindy, Mark K9TP (our chairman) and XYL Roxanna, Jerry WB9Z, Bob N9ORD and XYL Trudie, John W9ILY, Dennis KA9ZZT and XYL Jan, Bob K9CJ, Mike K9LAH and Velda, Jim N9TK and Laura, Mike K9AJ and Sue K9XYL, Carl K9CS and Liz W9LIZ, Jerry K9PY and XYL Brenda, Thomas N9IHZ, Mike W9MK, John K9DRS and XYL Joan and Tony N9AAC.