2017 Field Day

Here’s our field day results… we had an awesome time with great food, perfect weather, and a plenty of hands to help get set up. We had four antennas and three stations ready to go in less than four hours. The only exception was getting the Flex to behave so we replaced that with another K3 and we were off and running with a 2A entry. I think 2A is a good class as there were plenty of opportunities to operate. Two HF run stations and a VHF/UHF adder which gave us over 100 points worked out well. I don’t think anybody felt they didn’t have a chance to operate if they wanted to. We still have to add bonus points so we’ll report on that later for a final score.

Many thanks to Bob N9ORD and Jerry K9PY for providing excellent food. Thank you Brenda (K9PY’s XYL) for that tasty potato salad and the decadent fudge cake. Thanks to John W9ILY for all the hours he spent getting the computers networked and the submission to the ARRL. Also thanks to Joe KA9IIE and all who
came out to help get things set up. It was like a fine tuned machine where it took little direction and everyone seemed to know what to do. Lee WA9LEY was able to take a number of photos of our site and members in action. Thanks, Lee.

Many thanks to Pat Carr, who is the Assistant Village manager in Tinley Park, for permitting us to use the grounds at the former Tinley Park Mental Health Center.  The area we occupied was a paved former parking lot surrounded by light poles and trees, both of which were very useful for antenna supports.

A special thanks to Luis Santini of Cell Phone ICU for loaning us his custom designed bus with integral diesel generator, solar power, air conditioning, and HD TV, of all things. It was perfect for our needs
and we hope to help Luis get his ham ticket and join in on the fun. Luis is a very generous and modest guy. Drop him a thank you note when you have a chance at luis@cprcjoliet.com Luis owns two stores that specialize in cell phone and computer repairs. If you ever need a new face on your cracked iPhone or de-virus a computer give Luis a shout and tell him you’re a Metro DX Club member.

And, lastly we could not have had such a successful event without Bob K9CJ for organizing everything.

By late evening Saturday we were all tired and ready for a break. Lou AC0X and Mel NE9A were a welcome sight to take over for the graveyard shift. Thanks guys! By early morning the rest of the crew returned for a final push. Clean up and tear down took less than an hour. All in all I think our Field Day effort was a great success! Let’s do it again next year. Start Date : 2017-06-24

CallSign Used : W9TY
Operator(s) : AC0X, K9CJ, K9LSH, K9PY, N9AKR, N9LAH, N9TK, NE9A, W9ILY, WA9LEY

Operator Category : MULTI-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : MIXED
Default Exchange : 2A IL
Gridsquare : EN61

Name : Metro DX Club
Address : 3810 N. Chamlin Dr.
City/State/Zip : Morris IL 60450
Country : USA

ARRL Section : IL
Club/Team : Metro DX Club
Software : N1MM Logger V14.9.0

Band      Mode    QSOs    Pts
3.5          CW        126         252
7              CW         342         684
7              LSB        132         132
14           CW         353         706
14           USB        94           94
21           CW         111         222
21           USB        80           80
28           CW        57           114
50           CW         19           38
50           USB        64           64
Total      Both     1378       2386

Score : 4,772   Bonus points= 450      Total 5,222 points.