May 2022

Metro DX Club MAY 2022 Meeting Minutes

May 19,2022

Due to a conflict with Hamvention, we held our May meeting on a Thursday. No in person meeting this month, only ZOOM.. Thanks to John K9EL for his help.

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. In attendance, besides Jim were K9EL, W9ILY, K9GA, KA9IUC, K9DRS, K9NU, W9EWZ, WA9GQK, WA9LEY.  Some of our attendees were guests.



MINUTES   A motion was made by George K9GA to approve the April meeting minutes. The motion was  seconded by Paul K9NU and approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports that the Club had income of $115.00.  This included a donations received for UT5UY and one dues payment.  Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our site.

WUST  No recent activity.


NAQP CW Our Metro team finished 76th of 111 entries.

CQWW DX CW  Congratulations to Jerry WB9Z who finished with the top score in his category.  


TO9W  John K9EL reported his group held a planning meeting and are looking forward to a successful DXpedition later this year.

W9DXCC  Ed WA9GQK reported the big event is coming up in September.  Registration is opening soon.  More info to follow.

FIELD DAY Jim N9TK will be hosting Field Day this again year.  Thanks to George W9GJY who is letting the Club use his generators again this year. We will be operating 2E with a 6 meter station. Lunch and dinner will be served on Saturday with more food on Sunday.  Please let Jim know if you will be participating.

DX ON THE BANDS  Lots of activity especially with VU4W creating a lot of excitement.  George K9GA reports working 8Q7, 9M6 and 9V1 all with 100 watts. He has been working DX on many different bands.  ZD7MY was worked on 6 meters by K9NU and W9ILY. Other 6 meter DX was reported including an HD8. Many openings were very short.

MONTHLY LUNCH  Our next get together will be on Tuesday, June 7.  Jim will announce our June restaurant spot as we get closer.

HAMVENTION  Hamvention is this weekend and many members are attending.

K9EL  Congratulations to John on his appointment to the ARRL DX Advisory Committee.

DAVE KALTER DONATION The club voted to donate $100 again this year to help this youth group with their annual DXpedition.  WA9LEY motioned to approve this expense and was seconded by KA9IUC.  

W9DXCC COFFEE DONATION  The Club also voted in favor of donating $200 again this year to W9DXCC for their coffee fund.

QUORUM  Some questions came up about how many attending members constituted a quorum for voting purposes.  John and Jim will report back to see what our bylaws allow and if changes need to be made. 

A motion was made by KA9IUC to close the meeting and seconded by Bob W9EWZ.

The meeting was adjourned followed by a round table discussion of members’ current activities.

Lots of DX reported on all bands with 12 meters starting to heat up.

6 meters has had nice openings this past week including some nice DX.

Lee WA9LEY and Jim N9TK showed off their new paddles received from Yury UR5CDX. Yury makes keys and paddles in Ukraine.  Several members recently order product from Yury to help support his business in Kiev.


No formal program this month but Ed WA9GQK has an idea he would be willing to present.  Also, KA9IUC said another club he belongs to had a ZOOM presentation by Lee Hite about Voice of America that was interesting.

The ZOOM Meeting was recorded by K9EL: Video Recording of May 19th Meeting

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY