Special Event W9M 2009

Our Special Event Station – W9M – celebrating the Metro DX Club’s 30th anniversary, operated on October 3 from the QTH of Jack, W9NJB. Those members who were able to drop by and do some operating had a good time, as did the other club members whom we worked on the air. We had a QSO total of 113 that included three DXCC countries and included the following Metro members: N2WB, K9RB, W9IXX, N9ORD, N9AKR, W9PDS, N9LAH and W9ILY. We know that N9WK was trying to contact us from his home in Oshkosh, WI, but we weren’t able to copy Bill. We made the majority of our QSOs on 40 meters, SSB, with others being made on 20 meters and 75 meters. We have already received several requests for certificates and QSL cards, both via the US mail and by email. Our WEB page has a section that can be completed by those wanting an email certificate rather than having one mailed to them, thus saving both time and money.

Thanks to the following who were able to operate: Bob K9MDO, John W9ILY, Rick W9KNV, Pat W9PDS, Phil N9LAH and our gracious host Jack W9NJB.


John W9ILY