Activity Summary 2014


Our annual Winterfest dinner was held on Friday, January 17 at the Harvest Room Restaurant,7164 W 127th St (Harlem Ave) , Palos Heights, IL. Everyone had a great time!

CONGRATULATIONS to our officers for 2014: President: Jim Mornar N9TK, Vice-President/Program Coordination: Bob Jacobson K9CJ, John Raiger, K9DRS and Mike Rende WB9LSH (K9LSH effective May, 2014), Secretary/Treasurer: John Holmes W9ILY. Our Contest Chairman will be Carl Schroeder, K9CS. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to a new member for 2014 – Mike Rende, WB9LSH (K9LSH effective May, 2014)

At the end of 2013, WB9Z had amassed as whopping 3,005 band-countries with the latest being XZ1J on 12 and 10 and S21ZBC on 12 and 10. Amazing!

Welcome to new members to Metro: Jan, WG9V, Billie, K9QT and Lee, WA9LEY!

Jerry, WB9Z, was on the DX trail again and was part of the Amsterdam Island team – FT5ZM. Val, NV9L, was their Chief Pilot. CLICK HERE!

We lost several of our long time members during the year. Patti Colvin, AF9H, passed on March 9 in Kingman, AZ. On June 10 we lost Bob Truhlar, W9LNQ. Then, on July 16, Frank, K9BWQ, passed away. On October 15 we lost another member, Jerry KE9I. We will miss all of these great friends!