April 2020

Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes—Alternate video meeting via Zoom

April 17, 2020

The Club board cancelled our regular meeting due to the Corona pandemic and decided to try a video meeting using Zoom.

Thanks go out to John K9EL who coordinated checking in members via Zoom.

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. Those checking in besides Jim were K9AJ, K9XYL, W9MK, K9EL,W9ILY, WA9LEY, KA9IUC, W9KXT, K9DRS, NE9A, K9ZO, K9PMV, K9NB, N9LAH, K9NU, WB9JYZ, K9PY, W9PDS, K9GA, (I hope I didn’t miss anyone). It was a good chance to attend a meeting for those that are unable to attend otherwise.

Each person had a chance to say a few words. Some of the topics were recent DX on the air, 6 meter openings this week, home projects, State QSO parties and shack upgrades. Also, KA9IUC talked about his recent appearance on Ham Nation.

ANNOUNCEMENTS We have a new member, Barry N2BJ.


TREASURER’S REPORT John W9ILY gave a report of the Club income/expenses for the month. We had dues income from a new member and also received a donation. Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our groups.io site.

WUST No updates this month.

NEW BUSINESS METRO PICNIC May have to cancel. More info will follow.

W9C SPECIAL EVENT Our special event is going on as planned, using W9C from your home stations. Our plans have been submitted to QST. We believe Matt K9BBQ has volunteered to design a QSL and certificate for the event. John W9ILY has set up an online spreadsheet for members to use to reserve operating slots so W9C isn’t operating on the same band/mode at the same time. Email John your interest in operating W9C and he will send you a sign up spreadsheet.

2020 FIELD DAY SITE Our old site in Tinley is not available. We are still actively looking for an alternate site.

HAMFESTS Due to the Corona outbreak, many popular hamfests have been cancelled including Dayton and Visalia.

DXPEDITIONS Many have been cancelled or postponed. Check DXWorld.com for current info.

CONTESTING This weekend should offer lots of activity including CQMM, Michigan QSO party, Ontario QSO party and YUDX. Hamvention QSO party will be on 5/16. Also, Contest University will be free on Zoom in May.

METRO KING OF THE HILL A couple of weeks ago John W9ILY suggested having a Club mini contest during the Georgia QSO party held last week. If you participated, please send him your score. He will announce the results later.

After some additional discussion , the net was closed. Seemed like a success with a good turnout.

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY