2018 Field Day

Another Field Day is in the books for W9TY,the Metro DX Club. Saturday, June 23rd turned out to be a good day to be outside. It was a nice change from the rainy days we had earlier in the week. Our crew began set up just after 9am at our site which was formerly the Tinley Park Mental Health Center. We were fortunate to have the use of Jerry’s (K9LOT) air conditioned motor home. Part of the team began setting up the radios and computers inside while others started erecting the antennas. We used 2 double extended Zepps at right angles to each other for our 2 HF stations. Our site provided plenty of space to string these up. For our VHF/UHF station, we had a loop antenna for 2 meters and 440 meters and a homebrew rotatable dipole for 6 meters, both on push up masts.

Our chefs and helpers set up the all important grill and dining area outside the motor home.

We were ready to go at the 1pm start. There were plenty of opportunities to operate for those that wished to. We had a few members who kept W9TY on the air through the night. We were on many of the bands available but the most contacts were on 20 and 40 meters. Sunday brought some nice openings on 6, 10 and 15 meters too which helped our score.

We thank Tinley Park for the use of their site, to Jerry for his motor home, to our chefs for keeping us fed, and the operators that kept us on the air throughout the event. Also we thank those members who loaned their equipment and antennas, set up the computers and those helping with setup and take down.

It was a fun event!

FD 2018 2A Illinois

1484 QSO’s 1232 CW 252 SSB 5432 points before bonus points added