Club Contesting

It is often asked “Is this contest a Club event?” It’s a very good question, so here is some information and guidance concerning entries for METRO DX CLUB and the SOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS (SMC).

Remember, it may be easier to work that rare DX station in a contest!

How does this affect Metro members who are also SMC members? In order for the scores to be included in the summary for SMC, Society of Midwest Contesters needs to be indicated in the cabrillo submission form under “CLUB” for specific contests. For other contests METRO DX CLUB should be indicated.

Here is a listing of contests that are considered to be part of the “large club” competition for SMC:


ARRL VHF Contests (Jan., June, August, Sept.)

ARRL International DX (CW and SSB)

CQ 160 (CW & phone)

CQ WPX (CW, phone, RTTY)

CQWW (CW phone, RTTY, VHF)

ARRL 160 meter

ARRL Sweepstakes (CW and phone)

ARRL 10 meter

You will notice that NAQP team events, state QSL parties, contests such as IOTA, IARU, XE-RTTY, BARTG, various Russian contests, Ukrainian contests, Stew Perry 160, WAE, Field Day, etc. are not included in the SMC listing and all of those should show METRO DX CLUB as the club. That way METRO will be included in the final summaries. For NAQP team events SMC members’ totals will be manually computed so indicating METRO DX CLUB on your entries will be perfect.

For those who are not SMC members, here’s a bit of information about the club. It’s a national club with members across the USA. This makes it a “LARGE” club. They have a very active email reflector that has lots of contest results plus technical tips and suggestions and there is a great “SMC Fest” usually held in August in Bloomington/Normal. It’s all really nice! And the yearly dues are only $10. So for those Metro members who are not currently SMC members, you can easily join SMC by going to their web site and join up! Nothing will prevent you from being a member of both clubs.

I hope this helps with your questions.

John W9ILY

TEAM Competition

In addition to Club Competition contests, many allow TEAM competition. In particular, the North America QSO Party contests for CW, SSB and RTTY allow for Team competition. Be sure to indicate METRO DX CLUB in your score submission.

There are other contests in addition to the NAQP events that permit Team competition. Be sure to read all the rules.

Local Club Contesting (the 35 mile circle)

The ARRL has three categories of clubs according to club size and location: Unlimited (Over 50 members within a 175 mile circle), Medium (over 10 members and fewer than 50 members reporting contest results within a 175 mile circle) and local (under 10 members reporting contest results within a 35-mile circle). In order for Metro to be a “local club” in ARRL contests, members must be within a 35-mile circle with the best center location for our 35-mile circle near the town of New Lenox in grid EN61al. That location is arbitrary and can be changed. By using that location, the majority of Metro members qualify for a Metro Club Contest Submission. The list must be submitted to the ARRL following an ARRL sponsored contest in order for those club members to be considered for an ARRL club summary. Full details are here