April 2023

Metro DX Club April 2023 Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2023

We had an in person meeting this month as well as offering a ZOOM option for those unable to attend.  Thanks to Patrick W9PDS for his assistance.

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. In attendance besides Jim were  K9BBQ, NG9R, K9DRS, K9CJ, NV9X, W9KXT, KD9SJC, WB9W, NE9A, K9KJ, KA9IUC, W9KM, K9GA, KC9EOQ, WU9D, W9EWZ, K9EL, W9ILY, WT2P, WA9LEY.

Some in attendance were guests.

MINUTES  Steve W9KXT motioned to accept the March minutes, it was seconded by George K9GA and approved.

NEW MEMBERS  We had one new member K9KJ and two returning members K9EGS and W9AS.

HEALTH AND WELFARE  No current issues were reported


TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports that the Club had dues income from our new and returning members. Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our groups.io site.     

WUST    No WUST awards to report.


FIELD DAY  The group was polled as to who would be attending Metro’s FD event this year. 5-6 expressed interest.  Phil N9LAH said that the Chebanse site used by Metro in the past is available. Jim N9TK is still offering his home station for the Club to use. Jim said his home is available but there might be antenna issues. The antennas would be located in a wooded area behind his home and the Village is considering clearing some of the trees and brush back there, but they aren’t offering a timetable.  No decision yet on where we end up.

CONTESTS  SP DX RTTY and BARTG sprint 75 are on tap this weekend. See the WA7BNM contest site for details on this and other upcoming events.

DX ON THE BANDS  Lots of DX has been reported including 4W1A, VU7, T30, E51 and 3W1 with more DXpeditions coming up to keep things exciting.

Thanks to Jerry WB9Z, Ralph K9ZO, George K9GA  and others for all the DX spots they announce on the reflector.

NEW METRO VP  The Metro board met and voted to add an additional Club Vice President. CJ WT2P has agreed to accept this position.  He will be maintaining our web site, communicating with the ARRL and be the Club contest coordinator among other duties. This move was due in part to lighten the load that John W9ILY has been handling for many years.  What John does for the Club both in front and behind the scenes are too lengthy to list here. John is remaining as the Metro DX Club Treasurer.


Lots of DX on the bands with plenty of tips on the reflector.

John W9ILY advises us to watch 6 meters as the magic band is starting to open up.

Lee WA9LEY will be issuing the WUST awards and the Metro Gold Certificates going forward.

Steve W9KXT reports that a radio/TV producer from Ukraine will be a guest speaker via ZOOM at the July Hamfesters meeting. He will talk about ham radio and how ham radio is saving lives. Steve will  have more details later.

Many members talked about antenna work and DX on FT8.

Talked about FO/AA7JV and his Rig in a Box DXpedition.

4W1A is ending soon but will make a return trip in November.

A motion was made by George K9GA to close the meeting, seconded by Bob K9CJ and the meeting was adjourned.


We were pleased to have CJ WT2P present and explain a program new to some of us called the SDC Software Skimmer. It was created by UT4LW and decodes CW, RTTY and PSK. CJ demonstrated the program which has many features. One of particular interest to DXers is the 599 feature that displays the last 599 sent in a pileup. It helps to follow where a DX station is listening.   

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY