March 2023

Metro DX Club March 2023 Meeting Minutes

March 17,2023

We had an in person meeting this month as well as offering a ZOOM option for those unable to attend.  Thanks to Patrick W9PDS for his assistance.

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. In attendance besides Jim were  W9KXT, AC9CK, K9CJ, W9KM, NG9R, K9DRS, WT2P, KD9UTJ, W9ILY, WA9LEY.

Attending via ZOOM were K9EL, KA9IUC, WU9D, K9GA, K9ZO, W9EWZ, W9IXX, KD9NYP, KD9VQG, W9PDS, W9AP, KC9EOQ.

Some in attendance and on ZOOM were guests.

MINUTES  CJ WT2P motioned to accept the February minutes, it was seconded by George K9GA and approved.

NEW MEMBER  No new members to report.

HEALTH AND WELFARE  Three of our members either have or have just gotten over COVID.


TREASURER’S REPORT  John W9ILY reports that the Club has received a $100 donation from CJ WT2P.  Thanks CJ.  The Club had three expenditures, $100 each to Club Log, NCDXF and INDXA. Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our site.

WUST  No WUST award this month but Joe W9LNQ has earned the Metro Gold Certificate.

BOUVET and CROZET  The group talked about these DXpeditions. Many members reported working one or both of the operations.


FIELD DAY  Unfortunately, our Michigan connection is not available FD weekend.  Phil N9LAH said that the Chebanse site used by Metro in the past is available. Jim N9TK is still offering his home station for the Club to use.  No decision yet on where we end up.

CONTESTS  CQ WPX SSB is being held next weekend. See the WA7BNM contest site for details on this and other upcoming events.

DX ON THE BANDS  Lots of DX has been reported with more DXpeditions coming up to keep things exciting.

Thanks to Jerry WB9Z, Ralph K9ZO, George K9GA  and others for all the DX spots they announce on the reflector.

FUND RAISING  The Club is looking into ways of fund raising. Split the pot and a White Elephant sale were talked about. Any ideas from the membership are welcomed.


Lots of DX on the bands with plenty of tips on the reflector.

Some have reported receiving their FT8WW QSLs in the mail.

Some good 6 meter opening have been reported lately.

Steve W9KXT reported that Hamfesters White Elephant Sale was a success.

Phil W9IXX made #1 SSB DXCC Honor role with his Crozet QSO.

Sable Island DXpedition will come on the air in about a week.

W9AP is leaving soon as one of the 9G4X operators. It is a Multi 2 operation and will be live streamed.

Both K9EL and K9ZO reported strong totals so far this year in the DX Challenge.  

A motion was made by CJ WT2P to close the meeting, seconded by Steve W9KXT and the meeting was adjourned.


We were pleased to have Andriy W9KM present an interesting program about Amateur Radio in Ukraine. He is also UR3AN. He is from the town of Sumy, about 20 miles from the Russian border. He explained that Clubs were very popular in Ukraine with DXing, Fox Hunting, VHF/UHF activity and contesting among the pursuits until a ban on ham radio was imposed. The ban on ham radio has been lifted in some areas but ham radio in 4 of their 25 oblasts is still banned. It’s not wise to have a rooftop antenna. A collection was made and presented to Andriy who will donate to those in need. Please watch the attached video of Andriy’s presentation.  I’ve also attached a photo.

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY