October 2023

Metro DX Club October 2023 Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2023

We had an in person meeting this month as well as offering a ZOOM option for those unable to attend.

The meeting was called to order by our President Jim N9TK. In attendance besides Jim were  VE3ZF, W9ILY, K9GA, K9DRS, W9PDS, NE9A, WT2P, W9KM, K9PY, KC9EOQ, K9EL, NV9X, KD9VQG, WA0O, W9EWZ, K9LSH, WA9LEY.  Some attending were guests and some were attending via ZOOM.


Mel NE9A motioned to accept the September minutes, it was seconded by George K9GA and approved.


No current issues were reported



John W9ILY reports that the Club had no income for the previous month but incurred a $14.85 quarterly website charge. Detailed Treasurer reports are filed on our groups.io site.


Club dues for next year remain at $15 and can be paid at a meeting, via PAYPAL, ( A payment of the $15.00 dues may be made by PayPal to w9ty@arrl.net. When paying by PayPal, please indicate the payment is being made to “friends or family”) ,or by mail to the Club address on our website.


No WUST awards to report.



Stew Perry 160 and JARTS RTTY are on this weekend and CQWW SSB is next weekend. Igor VE3ZF is travelling to VE2IDX for CQWW SSB.

ILQP 10/22 We have the travelling plaque having been the top team the last 2 years. CJ WT2P is planning a mobile trip activating some rare counties with WA0O using call WT9P.  WA9LEY,  W9KM and others are planning Rover/Mobile/Portable activations too.  Many other members are planning to be on from their home stations to help defend our ILQP Club plaque award.  Make sure your scores are sent to the sponsor and indicate Metro DX Club on your entry.


Lots of DX has been reported. DXpeditions active include Swains, T2, TO8, ZD9 and others. Clipperton Island is coming up in January. John K9EL reported big openings to ZL and VK on 6 meters today. He got many of them in the log.  George K9GA reports AP’s and VU’s on 10 meters. Also, 3V8 and A52AA coming up


The current board has agreed to serve another year. Elections will be next month.


Still looking for possible ideas for a Club special event.


Mel NE9A offered a possible site for the Club to consider next year.  Jim N9TK is still willing to offer his home for FD as he has in the past.


Lots of DX on the bands, Jim NV9X is looking around for a new paddle, Patrick W9PDS and CJ WT2P will operate CQWW SSB in a multi op effort at K9CT. W9KM has purchased a satellite antenna and may make a presentation about satellite operating in the future. John K9EL announced that TO9W will be on the air next month. John said he is arriving on the Sunday of CQWW CW and may get in some contest time after getting setup.


We were pleased to have Patrick W9PDS present the DX Labs suite of logging software. It’s free, actively developed and has multiple individual programs available.  For a full description and visual of Patrick’s presentation, see the attached recording.

W9PDS DXLab Presentation Video

Submitted by Lee WA9LEY

Metro Secretary